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- Welcome Messages of the High Patrons
- Focus on the Program: Track 3 – “Research and Innovation”
- Session-Introduction: "Innovative Financing"
- Session + Workshop: "Antibiotic Resistance"
- WHS Night 2013
- Registration Details: Workshops and WHS Community

Welcome Messages of the High Patrons

"...This year’s World Health Summit takes place at a time of intensive national and international debate about what new concrete targets are required to ensure a decent life and a better future for the world’s rapidly expanding population. In this context health care will remain a key concern. ..."

"...There can be no halt in our common fight against undernutrition and prematurity, environmental pollution, and infectious and parasitic diseases. In order to shape the strategies of tomorrow, it is hence necessary to bring together the actors of progress, whether they be institutional, community-based, or from the public or private sector. ..."

"...Personal health needs public support. Through a comprehensive approach we can improve health systems, provide better access to health services, invest in related areas like nutrition, sanitation and clean water, and address the broader social issues that impact health. ..."

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Focus on the Program: Track 3 –  “Research and Innovation”

Working for Research and Innovation at the WHS

Focus on the Program:
Track 3 - "Research and Innovation"

Cross-sector collaborations between global health, foreign policy programs and new capacity building initiatives are vital to improve current coordination efforts and for stimulating the financing of health research.

A systematical approach at the country-level is needed, as strengthening a country’s research capacity is mandatory to provide a supportive environment for sustainable growth.

Read more about the track <link the-summit program research-and-innovation.html _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>"Research and Innovation" >>>

Session-Introduction: "Innovative Financing"

Monday, October 21
Chair: Wolfgang Bichmann (Senior Advisor, KfW Development Bank)

The symposium will present new analysis to explore the evolving landscape in innovative financing, with a focus on health micro insurance in Africa and its critical success factors.

Innovative financing gained prominence in 2000 when concerns were raised as to the availability of funding applicable to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals. Yet the potential of innovative financing still has to be harnessed to generate substantial ways of new funding. In this symposium, the evolving landscape of innovative financing mechanisms and innovative financing instruments will be analyzed and critical success factors will be illustrated.

In 2007, PlaNet Finance and Sanofi began a strategic partnership to improve the health situation of vulnerable microentrepreneurs lacking access to health coverage by establishing two health microinsurance systems in collaboration with microfinance institutions and local insuring companies. The lessons learned from these experiences speak in favor of greater synergies between microfinance institutions and health microinsurance systems. Overall, a strong commitment of all participating actors for health microinsurance and for a universal health coverage is crucial.

Micro insurance in Africa

- Rifat Atun (International Health Management, Imperial College London)
- Jacques Attali (President, Planet Finance)
- Robert Sebbag (Vice President, Global Health, Access to Medicines, Sanofi)
- V. Gomathi (Assistant Vice President, Services India, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd)
- Frank Nyonator (Director, Ghana Health Service)

This session will be held in the track <link the-summit program research-and-innovation.html _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>"Research and Innovation" >>>

WHS Night 2013

Rotes Rathaus (c) Landesarchiv Berlin, foto:Platow / Thomas

The World Health Summit brings together over 1.000 participants from all over the world, united by their interest in improving healthcare and health systems. But such a forum does not unfold its true impact in panel discussions alone.

Hence, the WHS Night will offer a relaxed and informal evening for speakers, participants, and guests to network and discuss the day's sessions. Enjoy some light snacks, drinks and Brazilian live music in the prestigious town hall of Berlin, known as “Rotes Rathaus”.

Read more about the <link the-summit whs-night-2013.html _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>"WHS Night" >>>

Symposium + Workshop on "Antibiotic Resistance"

Antibiotic Resistance: Current Challenges in Combating Antimicrobial Resistances
Tuesday, October 22

Innovating to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance: A Grand Challenge for a Complex System - Shaping the World’s Response
Tuesday, October 22

Antibacterial resistance is recognized as a critical priority and a global threat that needs urgent action. The soaring number of antibiotic-resistant infections is putting global health security at stake and risks the attainment of MDGs and maintenance of global health gains.

Following an overview of ABR given at the symposium organized by BMG and BMBF, this partner symposium will highlight the need for radical innovation and the role that universities, academies, civil society and professional organizations can play to tackle the problem of antibiotic resistance, including educating and empowering citizens globally.

- Anthony So (Program Director, Duke University)
- Otto Cars (Executive Director and Chairman, ReAct-Action)
- Eva Ombaka (Founder, Sustainable Health Care Foundation)
- Arturo Quizphe (Former Dean, University of Cuenca School of Medicine)
- John-Arne Røttingen (Health Policy, University of Oslo)

This thematic special will be held in the tracks <link the-summit program research-and-innovation.html _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>"Research and Innovation" and <link the-summit program evidence-to-policy.html _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>"Evidence to Policy".

Registration Details: Workshops and WHS Community

Workshop at WHS 2012

Workshop Registration

After receiving highly encouraging feedback on the workshops at the World Health Summit 2012, we enlarged their number for this year’s Summit. Following brief impulse talks, small groups of about 50 experts and interested attendants will contribute to intense debate on almost 20 different topics.

Please notice: As the participants’ number is limited, a preceding registration will be necessary. This registration process will start in September. You will be informed in due time. Until then, you can find all necessary information on the workshops in our online Session-Planner >>>

Get in touch with speakers and participants

WHS Community

The WHS provides an ideal framework for networking with like-minded experts from all over the world. To ease the way for participants to get in touch prior to, during and after the Summit, the WHS Community has been designed.

This networking tool offers the contact details, CV and picture of speakers and attendants to fully registered participants. Reserve your admission to this exclusive part of the WHS!

To join the WHS Community, please simply follow the instructions during full registration. You will be directed to the due form for editing your personal data. If you have already registered, you can easily edit or add your personal data at a later stage by following your personal link, which has been sent to you with the confirmation email.

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