Teaming Up For WHS 2022

The World Health Summit and the World Health Organization joined forces to foster global health and well-being of all.

The World Health Summit 2022 from October 16-18 was the first World Health Summit together with WHO.

WHS 2022 is part of a long-term close collaboration, as WHO has been a strong strategic partner of the World Health Summit since its very beginning.

WHS and WHO are both dedicated to the well-being of all people. To give everyone everywhere the chance to live a healthy life is a global effort, and the key to achieve better health for all lies in collaboration and open dialogue, guided by science. This is what WHS 2022 stands for.

Finding Solutions for Global Health

The aim of the joint World Health Summit was to create synergies and combine forces for global health development by engaging all relevant global health leaders and stakeholders from all sectors in all regions of the world.

WHS 2022 strengthened exchange, stimulated innovative solutions to health challenges, fostered global health as a key political issue and promoted the global health debate in the spirit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Short Cut


  • Improve health worldwide
  • Find answers to health challenges, guided by science
  • Bring together stakeholders from all sectors and all regions of the world
  • Facilitate open dialogue
  • Strengthen international cooperations
  • Set health agendas
  • Foster the recognition of global health as a key political issue

Speakers and Participants

  • Leading scientists and medical professionals
  • Ministers and civil servants
  • High-ranking officials at international organizations
  • CEOs from industry and civil society
  • Young professionals and students

“Through our enhanced collaboration and the launch of the 2022 Summit, we aim to accelerate progress towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals and make the world a safer place for all.” 

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)
Co-Host World Health Summit 2022

“We must build our future on improved worldwide health: equitable health everywhere with a healthy planet as the basis. For all of you, the joint World Health Summit 2022 together with WHO will be the forum to foster these goals.”

Axel R. Pries
World Health Summit President